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Change Starts Here

This past summer we collected over $1,000 in donations which helped spearhead our first program, June Camp. The donations afforded 36 children the opportunity to participate in a free one-week enrichment camp where they gained social and inter-personal skills. They were introduced to different teamwork activities through sports using the project-based learning approach. Several professional individuals dedicated their time to conduct activities and share their experiences. Additionally, the children enjoyed field trips and actively read throughout the week. Overall, June Camp was a success. This is just the beginning of coming together, to be the change we want to see for the youth in our communities.

Every girls does a shot at the game she loves...

The space to be creative, creates creativity...

Your time and gifts is important to those in need...

 Our primary goal is to Instill the value of education among African - American youth; creating positive pathways to becoming productive members of society.


The hospitality industry is my expertise; understanding that women are underrepresented in the hospitality industry's managerial positions. Our goal is to offer 20 high school young ladies an opportunity to advance in this field by collecting field experience in a summer job training program, in hopes to assist in their advancement.




Our final goal is to send 20 girls to college on an Athletic Basketball Scholarship through creating platforms where the athletes can showcase their talents in front of college coaches. Playing basketball around the world offered me a new perspective and appreciation for different cultures. Encouraging our young female athletes to continue to strengthen their talent while supporting their educational goals will prove to be a true game-changer.  


These goals cannot be met without the generous donations from those who share the same passion in changing the future of youth communities and creating equality across all backgrounds. 

If you decide to donate once, we can purchase a book or the space to host our programs. Your continued donations will help us expand on our programs to reach more youth and women. If you share a close connection with one of our programs; donate to that program to keep the program thriving.


Please select a program to view the  impact and donate to see it through.

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June Camp

Enrichment Is Key

Help us continue our mission in giving  African-American youth the push they need .

Pineapple Xpress

Job Readiness

Join us in training High School Girls in an industry full of opportunities.

C3 Sports

Keep Her Playing

Take their games to the Professional or Scholastic level with your support

By choosing to make a recurring monthly donation, you are taking an active role in changing the path of Women and Youth. 

It takes a village to make a true impact among those who need a little extra push. Your one time donation at any amount, will help open doors for our youth. - THANK YOU

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“Seek to improve the community's youth; not only academically, but socially with intention behind every program and activity.” 


—  Cherish Mitchell,MSW, LPC

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