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We have a powerful potential in our youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends. - Mary Mcleod Bethune

The Hard Truth

In the United States, African-American Youth are 20 times more likely to become Homeless in comparison to Hispanics and seven times more likely than Caucasians - Of our Texas Children, 29% are disproportionately poor and 10% are extremely poor - 34% are in residential placement - African-American Youth are 5 times more likely to be suspended in primary grades than their peers - 20% have had at least one out of school suspension - 71% performed below grade level in Math - 83% could not read at grade level - 85% graduated on time -

Our Role

Children Core Connection, Inc. is committed to creating programs to address the hard truths of our youth. It is a fact; supported by statistic data, that African - American Youth journey to success have greater winds. June Camp celebrates their power and the realization that they now have the same opportunity to be successful members of society. The program will be a month-long summer enrichment camp dedicated to Juneteenth (An American Holiday that commemorates the June 19, 1865 announcement of the abolition of Slavery in the State of Texas). As we continue to explore every aspect of issues affecting African-American Youth; we operate with a sense of urgency, using every opportunity to celebrate, empower, and make a difference in their lives. We have identified some key contributors starting from prenatal care to setting boundaries in the early years. Our first effort is to create a familiar cultural environment where learning is attainable through enriching and engaging activities. Camp participants will be exposed to a plethora of enrichment experiences, that will start the process of closing the achievement gap and open doors to a fulfilling future.

Our goal is to send the youth back to school; very excited about learning!


Parent Corner

Explore a new perspective using these tips:

*Be the Best version of Yourself

*Give the Respect you Expect

*Be Present by spending quality time with your child

*Discuss expectations and create guidelines

*Shower your child with non-     materialistic Love

*Be consistent with rewards   and discipline

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