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Children Core Connection, Inc. has been dedicated to the overall development of youth and women empowerment. Founded by Tamara L. Smith, a Humanitarian and Change Maker, driven by her own experiences to create a seamless path for those in need. These pathways are made through innovative programs organized by capable key players to include: job readiness programs that aim to forge career paths in the Hospitality Industry for Women, Scholastic and Professional Basketball opportunities for female Athletes, and childhood obesity initiatives. 


Our programs offer opportunities for all however we are laser-focused in reducing the disproportionate and over-representation of African-American children in the welfare/justice system. We plan to increase their proficiency in Math/English, decrease school disciplinary actions against them and increase cultural competence with the hope to instill a sense of power; resulting in becoming productive members of society. We feel that our children are the key to continuous growth across America. 


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