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June Camp ~ Summer enrichment camp for African-American Elementary-aged youth at no cost. It is our objective to instill the value of education through a fun and cultural environment.

Pineapple Express ~ Summer Internship program for High School Women and Minorities within the Hotel Industry. The intern program will last for 6 weeks where the youth will receive a stipend upon successful completion of the program.

C3 Sports Initiative ~ Every year we travel overseas to participate in friendly basketball matches against national and local women's teams. During our visit, we host free basketball clinics for girls and provide the community with basketball paraphernalia. Under this program we also host a HS Girls Basketball Showcase for Unsigned players, to present their talents in front of College and University Coaches in hopes to earn a full athletic scholarship.​

Transitional Living Sites (Coming Soon) ~ Our partnered sites will cater to youth who have aged out of traditional foster care. We plan to provide living arrangements with special support, education, and stability. The homes are designed to assist youth in preparing for life outside the system. We offer internal programs that highlight self-esteem, education, health & wellness, job readiness, financial literacy, life and social skills. It is our goal, that each youth is successful in transitioning into society.

Parenting Program (coming soon) ~ This program is vital to our overall objective where we feel the biggest impact can be made. Our program teaches and offers advice; not tell parents how to raise their children. We also promote the dreams and aspirations of the parents, so they could be inspirations and admirable to their children. This is achieved through informal lessons that involve activities with the youth. "Reach One, Teach One"

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